Saturday 21 January 2017

Changes to CHNC weekly challenges

Before I announce changes, I wish to thank all sponsors for their tremendous support in providing prizes for my CHNC challenges. This has been much appreciated by me and by the winners.

After six years of running the challenges and much thought, I've decided that from now on I will run my CHNC challenges without sponsors, with me giving a prize for a randomly chosen winner.

This has mainly been brought about by trying to cut down a bit on the time taken to run the challenges. Much as I appreciate the support of sponsors, it does generate more work for me and my husband is needing more of my care, so I feel that something has got to go.

Perhaps one day in the future I will be going back to sponsors to ask them  to give prizes for some challenges, but for now I'll see how things go with just me providing a prize.

And from now on, every week will be 'anything goes as long as it's Christmas', with an optional theme ... which is just that, optional!

One more minor change is the closing time of each challenge. Each week the linky will close at 20:00 UK time, instead of the later time of 22:00 ... this will give me a bit more 'breathing space'. Challenges will start start at 09:00 UK time every Saturday morning.

I'm hoping that these changes won't prevent crafters from entering their Christmas creations. When I started the challenge blog it was to help me to make Christmas designs throughout the year and to encourage others to do the same. I'm hoping that making every challenge 'anything goes' it will make it easier for crafters to take part, going with the optional theme if they so wish.


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  2. Oh this is such a wise decision Hazel! I've been too busy to enter lately but hope things will soon be easier and I can take time to link into a few challenges and yours are amongst my favourites. I would play happily with no prizes at all, just for the fun of it.

    Di xx

  3. I think you are amazing to run a weekly challenge at all Hazel. Thanks for all your hard work. Hugs xxx

  4. Sounds good Hazel. That means I can link all my xmas cards all year. What fun. Thanks for your generosity both with your time and the prizes. Hugz

  5. Thank you for continuing to run the challenge as I know it does take a good deal of time.

  6. A great idea Hazel I have always admired your stamina running the challenges you are such an inspiration, I will always link my festive creations to your challenge,
    Lorraine x

  7. I understand :) Thank you for this place and your time:)) Hugs

  8. I think this is a great decision, Hazel, and I'll keep both you and your hubby in my prayers as his needs take up more of your time. :-D

  9. Hazel You have to do this to give your husband the care and i will still be entering the challenges,

    lilian B

  10. I think it's a great idea, take care of your hubby and well wishes to both of you!


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